What Counselling Is

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What Counselling Is

For century human beings have found comfort in sharing their problems or telling their stories to others for help. As the old say that problem shared is a problem half solved. In our everyday life as

humans, we find ourselves in difficult situations where we have to make decisions for our life.

Sometimes we need a trusted person to listen and hear our story so we can generate a better idea of our options.

Although seeking help from others in difficult situation is very vital, it is extremely important to seek

help from trained and experience psychosocial experts to avoid further harm.

With the coming of professional counselling in 1890s, psychological problems have been addressed

with different school of thoughts (counselling approaches) which was developed by psychologists

like Sigmund Freud and others.

The word counselling means a process of establishing a warm relationship with a troubled person in order to offer him or her a good social climate within which he will:

a. understand his problem in depth.

b. Work out possible solutions or coping mechanisms to deal with the problem.

c. summon his personal resources and willpower to deal with the problem.

However, many people still have stereotype on what counselling is all about. Our next article will focus on the common misconceptions  about counselling.