Amiso Counselling Services Co-sponsors Debate Launch

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Amiso Counselling Services Co-sponsors Debate Launch

We were delighted to co-sponsor the SEED Language Teacher Association Debate Challenge launch that took place at Zomba Urban Secondary School on October 30, 2023, an initiative that reflects our commitment to community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility. The collaboration of three prominent sponsors, namely the Anti Corruption Bureau, National Bank of Malawi, and Amiso Counselling Services, is driven by a shared vision: instilling the essential values in our youth, fostering patriotism, and eradicating corruption.

During the event, each of these three organizations eloquently presented their contributions to the Malawian community. This year's debate theme, "Corruption is Evil: Resist, Reject, and Report," resonated as a resounding slogan throughout the gathering.

The event drew a diverse and engaged audience, comprising students from Mangochi, Machinga, Balaka, and Zomba, along with their dedicated principals and teachers. The students showcased their talents through various activities, including poetry recitation, dance performances, and lively debate competitions.

Under the topic, "Malawi is poor because of corruption" contestants from Mulunguzi Secondary School (proposing) and Malindi Secondary School (opposing) presented thought-provoking arguments.

The three sponsoring institutions, ACB, NB, and Amiso Counselling Services, generously rewarded the participating team members with tokens of appreciation.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the South East Education Division and SEED Language Teachers Association for their exceptional efforts in organizing this transformative initiative, aimed at nurturing leadership and enhancing public speaking skills in our youth